Shear-X™ Makes Your Building Stronger

Why use Shear-X?

Shear-X brackets are designed to transfer in-plane shear forces in roof diaphragms across the ridge. Our brackets provide allowable in-plane shear resistance capacities of 1750-2475 lbs. depending on bracket size, framing method and roof pitch.

The brackets take the place of the connection between the roof sheathing and the continuous ridge board or ridge beam in blocked diaphragm applications. This allows the use of continuous ridge venting, which requires a 1" to 1-1/2" gap between the upper edge of the roof sheathing and the ridge to allow air flow for attic ventilation.

How Can I Use Shear-X?

Use Shear-X Brackets and RidgeVent with Any Type of Roof

Shear-X Testing at SBCRI

29 mil ASTM A653 SS Grade 29 steel, G90 zinc coating, corrosion resistant

Shear-X Testing at SBCRI

Brackets can be bent to accommodate any roof pitch from flat to 12:12

Shear-X Testing at SBCRI

Available in 16" and 24" widths to accommodate 16" and 24" o.c. spacing

Superior Strength Against Seismic and Lateral Wind Loads