SHEAR-X™ Continuous RidgeVent

Complete Venting for Your Attic

Allows unwanted heat and condensation to escape through the ridge while preventing dust, snow, rain and insects from entering.

Shear-X RidgeVent offers complete venting for your attic and superior building stability.

  • 17.1 square inches net free area per lineal foot
  • Almost invisible when installed
  • Eliminates waste: every cut-off can be used

Easy to Install

  • Adheres directly to the roof
  • Has no complicated fittings, wrapping or connectors
  • Light and flexible, easy to handle and transport

Durable non-wicking matting

  • Can't be damaged by hail or ice
  • Can't crack or dent during shipping or installation
  • Won't corrode, rust or turn brittle
  • Won't burn: Shear-X RidgeVent matting has passes an ASTM D 6354 Class CC1 burn test conducted by Intertek - it will NOT sustain a flame.

RidgeVent is Available in Standard and Narrow Widths